Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life Lately

Here is your warning-

THIS IS GOING TO BE A BORING POST!  But, it is about our lives at the moment and it's journaling for journaling's sake.

Things going on at work:  I am a senior engineering tech at Samson, just celebrated by 5th anniversary and Samson just celebrated it's 40th anniversary.  Small side note (sarcasm): Samson just got bought by KKR and a few other companies for $7.2 billion.  Yes, that's a B in front of the "illion".  Seriously? I can't even fathom that much money.  All things are the same at work for the moment.  The deal is supposed to close on December 23rd.  If that happens a pretty nice bonus is coming my way.  If for some reason it doesn't go through, a small "sorry we put you through all that worrying" retention bonus will still be granted.  I am contemplating going back to school this fall.  I only have 24 hours remaining (so, that's only 8 classes which means 2 years max if trying to work part time and do school part time).  It's almost been 3 years since I was last in school and I know I need to just go back and finish.  There's only so much more I will be able to do in my current job.  And let's state the obvious, having a Masters in Petroleum Engineering will pay out just a little bit better than my current tech job.  It's not all about the $, but I can't lie- I welcome the thought of having enough $$ to go to every KU home basketball game :)

Things going on at Chris' work:  Not quite as eventful.  They keep firing people in the Tulsa area to cut down on overhead.  For a global company (well, the parent company is global), I just can't believe they haven't found any other way to cut down on OH.  He has been with APAC for 3 1/2 years and for the most part enjoys it.  I don't always enjoy his work schedule, but such is life.

Things going on at Emmy's work: (aka school).  School is ok.  We are on a wait list at another child care center close to downtown.  This is something that's on my mind constantly, but I need to be more persistent in praying about her getting into that school.  There have been some things that have happened at her current school that I am just not comfortable with.  Nothing that's a super huge deal, but just indicators of behavior that is allowed when parents aren't around.  Almost seems worthless to try to parent at home when the same things aren't being taught at school.  I realize that each child is parented different at home, but there are some common ground items (biting, hitting, talking back, etc) that you would expected to be addressed at school too.

Things going on in Nora's life:  She is currently breech and kicking the snot out of my lower area.  Her active times still tend to be at 2pm and 9pm.  I know she is active at other times, but I can always count on major movement during those two times.  I feel alot of little kicks and jabs from her, but rarely can I see my whole belly move because of her.  I remember with Emmy- my abdomen would move when she was having wrestling matches with herself inside my womb.  Also...Nora girl seems to have a bit lower heartrate than her older sister did.  Emmy's average heartrate reading was 155-165bpm.  The past few appointments, Nora's has been 140-145. Wonder if this is giving any insight to temperaments?

Things going on in Sally's life:  Sally lost Frank in early November.  She misses him and we need to get a companion for her.  She does enjoy human companionship slightly more now that he is gone.  But she is still weird and can still handle only small amounts of human love at a time.

Things going on at our house:  This will have to be a post all on it's own.  I hope I have taken enough pictures to do a time lapse journal on our backyard renovation.  Let me just say this though, my husband is amazing.  I knew he was handy, but I am coming to appreciate it more and more with his undertaking of this project.

Well, enough boring for now.  Just wanted to prove to myself I could blog something other than baby update.

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  1. Not boring at all...that's what these things are for!


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