Friday, October 1, 2010

urban life girls can (sc)rap

Oh, tonight- some much needed girl time with some great new friends.

Chris and I started attending FBC Tulsa in the summer of 2008 and quickly joined a life group class.  Life groups are great because it makes a larger body feel much smaller.  We recently joined a new class and have had fun getting to know new couples.

Tonight (while my hubby and dad were at the OSU/A&M game...oh, my hubby is an OSU hater, so it's very intersting that he was at the game, no?)  oh, how I digress.  Anyway, tonight I had the girls over to make just ONE scrap page to hang in our life group classroom.  A few pictures and a few factoids, just a "get to know us" on one page.  I'm not sure I quite like mine, but it's 90% finished, so I guess I'll stick with it b/c without the support of others around me- I won't re-make mine.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday night, it should be wonderful just for the fact that tomorrow is Fabulous Friday! 

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