Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Happy Place

Emmys tube surgery went well yesterday!  I stayed home with her all day and she took 3 wonderful naps.  She went to bed around 8 and woke around 6...not as much as she usually sleeps, but understandable since she doesn't usually take 3 "wonderful" naps either (wonderful = one 45 minute nap, one 3 hour nap, and one 2 hour nap).

After she went to bed I went to Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics for a "quick" errand.  At 8:55 pm Chris and I text messaged simultaneously....he wanted to know where I was, and I was telling him that I was heading home.  I didn't expect, and he didn't expect that I'd be out that long.  I just couldn't help it....I was in my happy place.

I picked up SO much fun many crafts to do.  I found the fabric for the pillowcase dresses and will post them when I'm done. I found some everlasting bubbles, canvas tote bags, iron on adhesive, brown silky polka dot material, yada yada yada and some a vinyl tablecloth on sale.  Actually, everything was on sale- I rarely buy full price.

So I returned home excited about my purchases and decided to whip out the sewing machine and do a little project before here it is.

WET BAG.  I'm going to keep this in Emmy's cubby at school (and probably make another one just for the diaper bag.  We can put poopy clothes, dirty clothes, swimsuits, etc in here and it will stay contained.

SNACK BAG:  I am not a fancy enough seamstress to have no exposed seams...but hey, I got close.  The nice thing about the vinyl is that we can throw it in the wash, use dish soap or just clorox wipe it!  The velcro goes edge to edge to keep all the snackies inside!

There was sooo much material leftover.  With 1/4 of it, I can make a splat mat to put under Emmy's high chair.  And with the rest???  Well, I guess I can make gifts for other baby girls as they arrive.  So what do you say friends?  You need to get with it and have a little baby girl so I can make you a wet bag and snack bag!


  1. So you made the bags out of the vinyl tablecloth? I need you to show me how to make those snack bags! I have been wanting to make some before Henry goes back to school, some sandwich size and some snack size ones. Too fun! And I LOVE getting lost in JoAnn's. In fact, the ladies that work there all know Henry by name, that's how often we go. Yipes. Although I've been told that JoAnn's in other states are a million times better and that ours kind of suck in comparison. I can only imagine how much I would love the better ones!

  2. Those are tooooo cute! I will have to try and think of something I can trade for a set of those!!! Too bad my creative skillset is quite limited!


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