Wednesday, July 22, 2009

37 weeks- Emmy is Growing, and So am I

Sooooo, here's the 37 week belly pic. Little Miss Emmy is growing, and subsequently so am I.
Chris and I are so excited to meet this little creature. To see her nose, her eyes, her hair, her fingers, her toes- you get the picture.

Yesterday 2 good friends at work threw me a shower. We got some REALLY cute girly outfits and some wonderful necessities. As a chip in gift, we got our Graco Sweetpeace Swing and the activity center (excersaucer type). The swing has an MP3 input- I can start playing a little Jack, Dave and Coldplay for Emmy early on. I'd hate for her to grow up on bad music! hah.

So for you moms out there, I know every baby is different. But what is the ONE newborn item you couldn't live without?


  1. A Boppy Pillow!!! It was the best thing ever! You use it to nurse, then the baby can lay in it and it feels like someone is holding them. Then when they start sitting up you can put it around them to protect them when they nose dive. My 4 year old still sleeps with hers. I had one for both girls! Best pillow ever!

  2. Definitely the Boppy! And a good quality breast pump. I had a manual and an electric and adored both!

  3. The Baby Bjorn! I can vacuum, dust, etc. with Finn in it. He loves it and sleeps most of the time. I can't wait until he can face out to look at everything. One other thing re: the changing posted that you were going to get some toys to entertain Emmy. I have one of those Sassy mirrors next to the changing table by Finn's head. He loves to look at it while on the changing table. He just stares at the baby in the mirror! Just an idea...

  4. the swing! Sounds like you got that lined up! I had a colic baby so the swing saved my life at times. Aaaaaaand the mirror in the back so you can see the baby's face. Loved it! If we were in someone's car without it, he screamed the entire time so I think he loved it too!

  5. For you: lansinoh nipple cream
    For baby: Boudreaux's (sp??) butt paste.
    And if you don't already know how, have the nurse at the hospital teach you how to swaddle that baby nice and tight.

  6. oops...i meant medella nipple cream. It's my fave.

  7. Although I am without child (unless you count my 8m 40lb bassett hound), I can definitely recommend for YOU a lunch/dinner of sushi with your good friend Kelly! Emmy is of course welcome, although I am not sure she'll like raw fish just yet. We'll work up to that. :)

    Love you! Love her already too!


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