Monday, May 4, 2009

She's already spoiled

Just wanted to post a few more pictures of Emmy's recent wardrobe additions. She's already spoiled, and we still have +-14 weeks until we meet her (I'm really hoping it's -14, not +14).

Also, we had a nice surprise in the pool when we came home, 5 huge frogs were...I only wish it was that simple- There was water behind the liner! This CANNOT be GOOD! So that oh-so-cute swimsuit we purchased for Miss Emmy? Well, let's hope there's a pool filled with water that we can use!
Picture1: Outfits that Chris picked out. He figured every little girl needs a pair of Osh Kosh overalls (speaking of, at some point in time I'll post my Osh Kosh pictures). We also vowed we wouldn't buy pink for the girl, but its kinda hard to NOT find pink. Nothing against pink, we just knew we'd receive alot of pink from others.
Picture2: I didn't realize I had purchased so much green. I think my fave is the little easter onesie.
Picture3: I love love love the little romper with yellow flowers. I've been hesitant to buy yellow. If she gets my coloring, it will just make her appear jaundiced ALL the time. If she takes more after Chris, she'll look GREAT in yellow.

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  1. Adorable. Now to get the matching bows and headbands!!!!:)

    So cute. I'll have to come visit u next time Tia comes.


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