Wednesday, April 1, 2009

21 weeks- a bomb went off in my stomach

So here are a few pictures of happenings around the Sanders' house.

This is me at 21 weeks, as you can tell- a bomb went off in my lower abdomen and it exploded since the last picture. I don't have one of those cute bellies that JUST expands with baby, mine has expanded into my back, up into my ribs, out my sides, etc.

This is another hat I crocheted, it's a little bit bigger than I wanted but should fit Emmy during the winter. Or if she has my size of head, right away.

This is my niece, Grace, sporting the beanie I made her and attached the purple and coral flower. Luckily, everything she had packed in her suitcase was purple, so the beanie matched EVERYTHING. She loved it and was TOO adorable.

Other than that, no much is going on here. I'm working on a baby blanket for Miss Emmy. It's going slow, I work on it a little each day. I have officially completed 3 weeks of bedrest with 7 more to go! Almost 1/2 way there! I have a dr's appt in the morning at 815. If things look even better than last week, I'm going to ask if I can start increasing my activity level a little bit. Like maybe I could: go on an errand every once in awhile, go on a 10 minute walk, sit up more instead of laying down- etc. Any of the options will do. I'll let you guys know what I find out tomorrow.

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