Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Many Appointments?

Just did some adding up, and as of 4/16/09- I have been to the Dr's office 12 times for this pregnancy and they have all been free appointments! Hah, if only. I think in a normal pregnancy I would have been to the dr's office 4 times by now. Wow. The one thing I DO LOVE is that up until now, they have done an ultrasound at every appointment (well, all but 1 appointment). So I've been able to see my Emmy girl 11 times now, how fun! I will obviously be happy if I don't have these issues with the next pregnancy- but I will miss seeing the little peanut so many times.

Last night Chris and I went to Target for a quick trip. I haven't OFFICIALLY been allowed to make these outings, but needed to pick up a baby shower gift. While we were there Chris found some really cute things for our little girl.

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