Thursday, April 30, 2009

25 weeks

So I guess I reached 25 weeks, I've been having a hard time remembering how far along I am. Only 3 more weeks of bedrest left! It's nice to not be on such strict bedrest now. The days go by more quickly now. Getting out for an errand every now and then really makes a difference. Tonight Chris and I are going to Babies 'R Us to *hopefully* get our travel system. I have a 20% coupon to Toys 'R Us and I'm hoping they accept it at Babies.

I didn't have a doctor's appointment this week, just went in for my progesterone shot. Emmy's still very active and I suspect it's only a matter of weeks until I start getting kicks in the ribs. My next appointment is next Thursday. After that, only 2 more weeks until I reach 28 weeks! Woohoo. I have a feeling the last two weeks of bedrest will be very similar to what used to be a normal day for me. A coworker goes to the same dr and her last 1-2 weeks of bedrest was told to go about her day like it would be a normal workday. I like the way our dr transitions us back into the real world. I can't believe how out of shape I am. Even if I had big plans to go on 3 errands back to back, there's no way my body could do it right now. I definitely know when I can go, and when I need to rest.

This weekend I'm going to Branson with the Sanders fam, and yes- with dr's approval. I plan on hanging out in the condo most of the time and maybe hitting a few outlet stores- especially the Carter's outlet. Any other stores worth visiting?

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