Thursday, April 23, 2009

24 weeks - 4 more weeks of bedrest

The dr's appointment went well today, we had our final ultrasound (yay that we wont't be at the doctors so much, but I'll miss seeing the little girl). Her heart was beating at 162bpm, it's been pretty high the whole time. Miss Emmy was in quite an interesting position- a full pike. She is head down, and so are her feet! She is really kicking today, I love it. The pictures weren't that great from this week's appointment so I might update with last weeks, but you can see her cheeks. At my dr's office they don't do weight estimates, but it looks like she's at least gaining some fat on her face! She's taking after her mama.

Other than that, I can't believe the AC is on. Seems like we didn't have very many "windows open" days. Seeing that our AC couldn't keep the house below 78 last summer, I've contacted the home warranty people to come look at the unit. This big preggers mama will NOT be able to tolerate temperatures like that this summer! hah

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