Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love Coupons

Over the past few months I've been buying various baby shower gifts for people and somehow got placed on Babies R Us' mailing list. I've been receiving 15% coupons here and there, which are nice-but I was waiting for a whale of a coupon to be mailed. Well, mine never came in- but my mother in law received a 20% coupon from Toys R Us. So this evening, Chris took me to Babies R Us and we bought our travel system. The lady at the register used BOTH coupons and we saved over $100. Woohoo. I know this is something you usually put on your registry but the travel system that we liked was ONLY at Babies R Us and we didn't plan on registering there. So, we just went on ahead and bought it.

Today was a semi rainy day and I spent it with my friend Brittani and her little man Pierce. She's on maternity leave and gets up and around about as much as I do, so we hung out in PJ's. Company certainly helps the time go by.

All in all, it's been a good day. Tomorrow we leave for Branson. I hope the condo has a comfy couch since I'll be there most of the time. I will take a time-out from the couch to go to the outlet mall and visit the Carters store. I need to look online to see what other stores I want to hit. I'll probably have to rest quite a bit in between stores, so I only plan on going to 2 or 3 while we are there.

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