Thursday, April 2, 2009

pictures of the little girl

I had an appointment this morning and everything looks good. I got some great pictures of Emmy. Can't believe the kind of technology that exists in comparison to when we were babies.
This one shows her HR @ 161bpm and her profile. Her little mouth is open. I like to think that she's smiling at us!
Another profile shot- the little white specs by her mouth are fingers. She also had her legs up by her head, but they weren't able to catch it in this shot.

I find this picture a little creepy, but it's a front shot of her face. The two black dots are eyes, and her mouth is a little open. She's breech right now, hopefully she can figure out how to flip in the next 18 -19 weeks. Emmy is kicking up a storm and Chris felt her undeniable kicks last night. I started feeling her around 18 weeks, but she was her most active during the day when he wasn't here!
My sister and her two kiddos are on the way to visit, so that'll be nice to have some company. Also, I was able to go out to lunch today at Kilkenney's with some coworkers. It was GREAT to see some people from work. I miss the people, but not always the work :)

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