Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Raining Popcorn

The craziest storm just passed through town and it produced some rain/hail. The hail looked like popcorn in the yard, it was crazy. Midway through the storm, the sun came out. I searched for a rain bow but came up empty handed.

I had my dr's appt today and everything looked great. Emmy's heart was racing at 162 bpm, the highest its ever been. She's a busy little girl. She was also head down today, but since the appointment I think she's managed to flip herself ( I only think this b/c my bladder is again taking the abuses of rhythimc kicks). She's kicking so hard now I actually saw my stomach move today, crazy stuff.

Not much else is going on. My mom is on her way down for the weekend and tomorrow I want to make and decorate some sugar cookies. I need to pull out my egg and bunny shaped cookie cutter. I love cookies, the scale however- tells me I don't need any.

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