Monday, March 30, 2009

No power up in KS

So I just got back from visiting my parents in small town Kansas. It sounds like the Tulsa area residents received a fair amount of snow, we just received ice. Although it was beautiful, it wreaked on the trees and power lines. We lost power around 4pm on Saturday and I believe my parents are still out! Luckily they have windows on every side of the house and it stays very warm.

Despite losing electricity I had a wonderful time. My siblings from Indiana were there, so it was nice seeing them again. Emmy didn't toss and turn too much this weekend, I think she was in a food coma! Seriously- there is WAY too much food available up there. My sister is a chef by training and my sis-in-law is a master entertainer. Put the two together in a kitchen and you end up with a 5lb weight gain per person by the end of the visit.

Anyway- nothing exciting going on other than that. It's been an hour since breakfast and I think I need some more food.......story of my life :)

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