Wednesday, March 18, 2009

19 Week - Belly Pic

Just thought I'd share a belly pic that I took today, 19 weeks. One week of bedrest down, 9 more to go. That is...10% completed.

Today is my sweet husband's birthday and he will be working into the wee hours of Thursday morning, poor guy. He will also be working all through the weekend and traveling next Tues-Thurs. I feel bad for leaving him this weekend, but if my DR approves I'll be traveling up to KS with my bro to see my parents. I need to get away from this house and couch for awhile. Plus, I have a feeling I'll actually be able to rest more up there- than here. If you think about it, anytime during the day I need something I have to do it for myself. When I'm up there, I know I'll have more help.

Exciting thing of the day: Chris's bday and my dad's bday presents came in the mail today. Thanks UPS man.

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  1. There's a baby in there!!!! Wow!!!! :) Have a nice trip... enjoy the relaxation!


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