Saturday, March 7, 2009

No workinng out for me

So, per DR's orders I am OFF of exercise right now. Apparently my cervix is having a hard time keeping up with all the activities I want to do. I go back for another appointment on Tuesday to find out if my week of rest has helped the situation. They have also started me on a weekly progesterone shot to help the situation. I just keep praying for, well...nothing in particular. I just pray that God helps the DR's make the best decision in my treatment. I'm a little worried and a little stressed, and it doesn't help that I have this WONDERFUL upper respiratory infection mixed in with some allergies. It's also March and mid-terms aren't too far away. I try not to think about everything all at once, because then I turn into a stress-ball. I've been so apathetic in the evenings and just want to hang out with Chris and watch TV. I have no desire to study, at all! One thing that I've started is voice recording the lectures and then I listen to them in the evenings. I hope this helps!

So one great thing about all these repeat ultrasounds is that I get to see baby "E" everytime too! I love listening to the heartbeat and watching the somersaults, kicks and jabs. I can't wait to feel those first movements! (or at least recognize them). Also, I'm very thankful I have a dr who has been keeping a watchful eye on my situation.

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