Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So it's official, even after a week of rest and not working out I have been put on bed rest. I have just a few errands to run and need to turn in my short-term disability paperwork at work.

So to recap, I had a LEEP procedure a few years ago. And it's know that LEEPs and cone biopsies can cause issues during cervix effacement (shortening) and dilation (opening) before you reach the 37 week- full term status. My dr has been keeping a close eye on the cervix through trans vaginal ultrasounds and everything was looking great......until the 17 week ultrasound. It revealed that my cervix had shortened from 4cm to 2.8cm. This new measurement didn't completely scare my dr, but she told me to take a "rest" week to see if no exercise would help the situation. I went back in yesterday for a follow-up and ultrasound revealed the cervix had further shrunk to 1.9 cm. This didn't sit well with the dr. After our consult, she went and met with a high risk dr. She came back in my room- and with the most apologetic face I've ever seen- informed me that I needed to be on bed rest ASAP. I have also been placed on a weekly progesterone shot to help the cervix. One great piece of news is that I show absolutely NO signs of dilation, it's nice and strong.

So here I am, blogging from my recliner (hey, at least I'm not bound to the bed and couch only!!). I got to see some great shots of the baby yesterday at the full anatomy scan. The heart looked strong and everything was right on track. So praise God that my condition is not affecting the baby at this point. OH...I go in to meet with a high risk dr this Thursday to sit and talk about options and statistics. Then, I have a follow up with my regular dr next Thursday. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of quality time at the dr over the next few weeks. It's strange to go from working out 4-5 times a week, working 4o hours, walking the dogs, and going back to school to DOING NOTHING! (Well, I'm hoping I can set up a little craft table by the recliner)

If you can, I ask that you pray for a few things right now.
1) Baby Sanders and his/her development
2) My condition
3) the dr's that are treating me
4) Chris, he's so busy with work already and his responsibilities just increased dramatically.

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  1. Oh, Jordan, I am so sorry. What a bummer! I can't believe this happened to you, of all people. You have to be one of the most active individual I know. My Chris and I will definitely keep you in our prayers!


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