Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a Girl: Emmy Christine Sanders

I hope you enjoy the pink, it's the most girly pink thing Emmy will be getting from me. Hah. So at the 17 week appointment, we found out IT'S A GIRL, but wanted to wait for some confirmation before we announced it to everyone. So, with all hopes of a full term baby- Emmy is due to arrive August 12. We can't wait to meet her.

The DR's visit went well today. The cervix measured at 3cm, about the same as last Thursday. If things continue to improve or stay stable, they might increase the amount of activity I am allowed. Also, I did find out that I can go up to my parents this weekend and next as long as I'm not driving. The DR's main concerns were that I do not increase my activity level, and that I'm close enough to a hospital in case something does happen.

So, with me being the daddy's girl that I am- I know my activity level will not be allowed to increase. And in the event that a hospital is needed, Wichita is only 35-40 minutes away. We're good to go.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Emmy looks great, she was all stretched out today. She better enjoy it while it lasts, she'll be getting all cramped up soon enough.

Please pray for Chris this weekend and next. He'll be so busy with work this weekend and is traveling to Mississippi next week. He will really need some energy and safe travels.

Oh, one last thought-not a deep one at all. Weighed in at the dr's office and have gained a total of 14lbs, which is in the AVERAGE range. So that's good. At 12 weeks when I had already gained 10lbs, I was pretty worried about the weight that was to come. Whew, glad it slowed down.


  1. I'm so happy for you! I love the name by the way! Sorry about the bed rest, my sister (Christi) had to be on it with her 2nd from 20 weeks on. Yuck! I can give you some baby stuff craft ideas if you are interested. Do you have a sewing machine? Maybe one day Emmy and Lily will be pledge sisters together back in theta land. Did you know that Jennifer (Gauntt) is having a girl in a couple of weeks? I've enjoyed reading your blog and catching up with what your up to.

  2. A exciting! Since Casen will be attending OSU it looks like he'll have three hot chicks to invite him to all of the Theta date parties!

  3. She'll be a beautiful, smart, wonderful, sweet low alto like her mother!! :) Congrats, J... so happy for you!!


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