Monday, April 4, 2011

a little taste of NOLA

from left to right, top to bottom-as told by emmy

1. play with crayons
2. watch mom combine dry beignet mix with water
3. dump onto well floured surface, mommy needs help with what "well floured" means.
4. roll out to 1/8" thick, or just guess like mommy b/c she doesn't have that super cool rolling pin that has rings on the end that help you know how thick/thin to roll out dough. PS: i think her birthday is coming up
5. have the engineer of the house cut into 2" squares
6. get powdered sugar ready
7. drop into hot oil
8. ENJOY! whoops, this picture is out of order, oh well. this boring collage was needing another picture of me anyway.
9. plate food and top with PLENTY of powdered sugar. looks like mom did get this one right.

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