Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guest Poster

THREE NICKNAMES: Emmers, Stinker, Baby

THREE PEOPLE THAT MAKE ME LAUGH: cousin Jackson, Bumble Monster, neighbor Lucy

THREE THINGS THAT I LOVE: throwing anything and everything that I’m not supposed to throw, bath time, being outside

THREE THINGS THAT I HATE: vegetables, sleeping in on the weekends, being told NO

THREE THINGS THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND: why mommy feels the need to paint my toenails, why I have to sit still sometimes, why my clothes must match

THREE THINGS ON MY FLOOR: brush, books, 3 pairs of shoes

THREE THINGS I AM DOING RIGHT NOW: coughing, showing someone my birthmark, tooting

THREE THINGS I CAN DO: kick in the pool, run, put on socks

THREE WAYS TO DESCRIBE MY PERSONALITY: observant, occasionally demanding, always loving

THREE THINGS I CANNOT DO: somersault, pee pee in a toilet (although mama’s trying to convince me), sit still

THREE FAVORITE FOODS: cheese ravioli, spaghetti, greek yogurt & baked sour cream & cheddar chips

THREE FOODS I DO NOT LIKE: vegetables, vegetables, vegetables

THREE BEVERAGES I DRINK REGULARLY: whole milk, apple juice, smoothies

THREE SHOWS I WATCH: Rudolph, basketball, The Office


  1. Love this post--I'm probably going to copy it :) I'm glad to know that Luke is not the only child that hates vegetables.

  2. Jordan -- I just realized that although I follow your blog, I wasn't one of your followers.
    So, I just made it official :-)


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