Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1 year + 8 months

This is almost too scary to type, but I will be throwing a certain toddler a 2nd birthday party in less than 4 months!  What in the world???

Here are some highlights from this past month:

  • All four incisors are coming in.  The fourth molar also came in, but that may have been a month or two ago.
  • Seems like Emmy is picking up new words everyday.  Some of my favorites include: goggy (glasses), poop poop (although it's only used correctly 1/10th of the time), gab-gaw (grandma), ock (sock), mar-mar (in reference to her birthmark)
  • Favorite Song: Wheels on the Bus, and she demands that everyone around her do the motions to the song
  • Favorite Food: nothing in particular, she hasn't been eating yogurt as much as the past
  • Favorite Obsession: taking shoes to their rightful owners
  • Favorite Book: Goodnight Moon
  • Favorite Word: NOOOOOOOOO (with the attitude of a teenager, oh dear- what are we in for?)
  • Emmy now sometimes enjoys brushing her teeth since we got her a kids' spinbrush
  • We started swim lessons at Miller Swim School.  Emmy is doing sooo well- she's learning to kick and row with her arms (she already had the blowing bubbles thing down).
  • Health has been ok overall.  We still do the steroid inhaler twice a day, Nasonex in the AM and Zyrtec at night.  I think we finally found a winning combination.
As I say every month, this one has certain been fun.  But I will throw in that it has been a little difficult.  Stern talks and time outs don't seem to be working in the discipline area.  Chris and I have much learning to do so that we can carefully and effectively discipline our daughter. It is my prayer that I can be a good mama to Emmy. 

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