Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter 2011: Egg hunt and Egg dyeing

So Easter 2011 is off to a roaring start.
This morning we hunted eggs in Owasso with Jackson, Jarrod and Kim (Jarrod is Chris
 bro).  While we were there, we ran into Anna, Ashley and Jon (Ashley is Chris' mom's half sister?  So Chris' half aunt?  I don't know..., we just call Anna a cousin)...SO MUCH FUN. I have a plethora of good pictures from that event, so that will need to be a post all to itself.

After egg hunting, we went back to Jackson's and Emmy took a power nap there.  After she woke up we headed towards home but stopped by Barnes and Noble first.  We picked up a bunny book, an Easter book (actual religious explanation for kids) and a Pat the Bunny stuffed animal.  The first two purchases were intentional, the third purchase was a result of weak parenting.  hah!  She found it on the rack, picked it up and WOULD NOT let go while we were there.  I made the executive decision that Pat the Bunny would be going home with us.  She better not get accustomed to these purchases!!!!

After B&N we headed home, picked up dog poo, burned some sweet gum balls in the chiminea, Emmy mauled gave the puppies some lovin, had leftover pizza from Hideaway for dinner then Emmy went to bed.

This is where the fun part of my night begins!  I headed to Reasors to do some grocery shopping!

Say whhhaaattt?  You don't consider going to the grocery store at 730pm on a Saturday night fun?  Tisk tisk.
Well, after I got home I dyed some eggs...only 10.  I started with 13 but 2 got cracks while boiling (even though I followed Martha Stewart's directions for perfect boiled eggs) and then I dropped another.

Here's what I ended up with...
 I'm fairly pleased with them, but the purple didn't color well over the pink.

Oh well.

PS: I'm going to digress....the Easter book that we got Emmy is GREAT!  It almost brought tears to my eyes because it's such a simple yet effective way of telling the Easter story.  I pray so hard, although not often enough, that my daughter comes to know Christ early and loves Him without restrain.

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