Friday, April 1, 2011

iPhone Friday 04/01/2011

Thanks to my sweet friend Sara for reminding me about his post, or lack thereof.

Emmy giving Teddy his sippy.

Key lime pie with mango sorbet from the Polo Grill. It was DIVINE, along with everything else. I think my fave part of dinner was the kalamata olives, or maybe the 1/2 sized bottle of wine, or maybe bread being offered with each course....

This was not staged, I promise. Miss Priss found this to be the only acceptable way to drink milk. Whatever works.

Watching a rerun of The Office where Dwight and Michael brought their Asian dates who were their waitresses to the Christmas party. Perfect TV while enjoying the fire. Only thing missing was chris, who had to work late. Boo.

And an oldie but goody, Emmy at one month. (had to throw in a pic of her when she was sweet and cuddly and didn't say NO with the attitude of a tween)

Happy Friday my friends.

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