Sunday, January 23, 2011

internal combustion

Five minutes ago, I deleted all the pictures on my camera.

It had all pictures from January on it...I am sick.

My insides reached 106.7 degrees, I'm pretty certain.  There were pictures that can be repeated.  But there were some of Emmy and her cousins with their great grands, and those are hard to come by.  UGH.  NO!

There were also some of our home improvement day, which is what I was wanting to post.  I sewed some curtains for Emmy's room, or should I say I recrafted some tableclothes from Target.  Chris installed a new kitchen faucet.  Might I just say at this point, Delta + Touch2O technology is awesome!  If you come over to my house anytime in the future, you do NOT have to turn the water on and off.  JUST TOUCH THE FAUCET! So cool.

Also, a year ago in this post (ONE YEAR AGO) Chris and Emmy started working on installing the instant hot water dispenser.  Well, I can gladly say that part of it is finally IN!  Now just waiting on Chris to round up some help for some water line installation stuff and it will be done!  Woohoo.  Maybe by the next time we have a baby it'll be ready for sanitizing pacifiers, warming up frozen milk and thawing food.  Wahoo.

So, I'll leave you all with a picture of the Emmers and myself from last night.
We were both tired girls and passed out at 7pm sharp.

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