Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy day

Emmy sneezed this morning and I wiped it with my tee shirt. In the dark. Once we got into light I actually took a look at it. It was approaching the hue and saturation of the Nickelodeon slime. (more on this later)

If you saw my first facebook status of the day, you may have noticed me lamenting the fact that I am ALWAYS late in the mornings. I am Emmy's chauffeur both to and from school. She attends "school" downtown and I also work downtown. So it just makes sense. But some mornings and some afternoons, I just wish someone else could fill that role. But alas, I am a parent now an so I will be chauffeur for another 15 years at the least.

Now back to the Nickeloden slime colored snot. I know you were holding out for this one.

Emmy has been congested and sneezing since August 6, 2009. That's right, her birthday. Sometimes it's better, other times it's worse. Right before we left for the sugar bowl it was AWFUL. So much mucous that she had the "mucous" pukes. It quickly got a step better and had been staying there ever since but didn't go away. Today we decided it was time to see someone. So at lunch (and naptime) we went in and found out she wasn't sick. Her little lungs are just having a hard time. She still isn't completely healed after having rsv last year (as far as lungs go). So we were told to continue breathing treatments and are on a 5 day, low dose prednisone. Fingers crossed this works.

There's an end to this story, but I'm too tired. I'll finish it later.

Here's my baby, she fell asleep between the drs office (21/Yale) and school (9/boulder).

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  1. Poor little snotty baby. That is no bueno. And I have fond memories of watching people get slimed on Nickelodeon. We didn't have cable, but I got to watch it when we went to piano lessons and I was waiting for my turn while my brother had his lesson.


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