Friday, January 21, 2011

Guest poster

Hi all. It's Emmy here. Just wanted to tell you about my day.

First, daddy stayed home with me until 9am because my school opened late. Then I ate lots of snacks, played, ate lunch, had milk, took a nap, had snacks, read books and then mama picked me up. We went to braums to get milk then met dadda at home.

Later, we met some of mama and dadda's friends at hideaway. I sat in my highchair for five minutes and then I really really needed to get out! I was all by myself in that chair and got lonely I needed extra snuggle time so I sat in daddy's lap. Then I went to mama's lap. Then mr. Adam held me for awhile. Mommy thought I was being a pill, but I just wanted to be social.

After awhile I got a little warm inside the restaurant so daddy and I went outside until everyone else was finished.

On the way home from the restaurant they told me they were not happy with my behavior at dinner. I thought I was perfect. Maybe next time they will see it from my point of view.

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