Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hurricanes, and Beignets, and Sugar Bowl- OH MY

Ok, so I've experienced 1 of the 3 titled subjects...but maybe by tonight I can accomplish my little list.

Yesterday adn today have been SO awesome!  I miss my little girl SO much but it's always so nice for Chris and I to get away.  But let me explain this: I have SUCH a hard time leaving her.  Terribly hard.

I have taken quite a few pics already (on big computer and phone) and I'll definitely do a picture post when I get home but here's a written list of the things we have done so far:
  • Monday: Lunch @ Stanley Restaurant with a strawberry italian cream soda, walked all around the French Quarter, dinner at Commanders Palace, drinks at Delachaise and watched the Orange Bowl on a ginormous projector screen.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast at the terrible excuse for a "club level"...but hey it was free, not really, but included; beignets and cafe au lait @ Cafe Du Monde, a little bit of shopping, some new boots, lunch at Dickie Brennens Palace Cafe, rest time and now on our way to Audubon Park and then on to the game!
Hope your Monday and Tuesday have been just as fun ;)

(didn't but it, but i LIKE it)

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