Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here's our little girl with her big cheeks. This is actually a rare shot, because for the majority of the 30 minute session- little miss thing had her feet up by her head- toes by the mouth- feet near the eyes, you get the picture. It was fun to see her in there moving, opening her eyes and mouth. Hard to believe we've reached the 28 week mark, only 12 more weeks to go. But to be truthful with you, I'm shooting for late July. I mean, really, who out there really wants to be pregnant in August? I have a dr's appointment tomorrow and will find out when I go back to work. I'm such a grown up, I need a dr's note to go back :)

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  1. i loved being pregnant in the summer. Sundresses are the most comfortable maternity clothes! No waistbands!


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