Thursday, May 28, 2009

29 weeks

I somehow "forgot" to post a 28 week picture, so here's 29.

WOW, what a difference 3 weeks makes!

Not much else to report, I went back to work Tuesday- and I forgot how tiring it can be! I'm even slow getting back into the swing of things, I can't imagine if I had to jump right into it.

It doesn't help much that I'm getting sick. Chris went to the dr last week for the same thing and got some antibiotics. I'm not really sure there's much I can take, so is it worth it going? Near the beginning of the pregnancy I had been told I had a UTI and had to take 10 days worth of amoxicillin, 3x a day. I DO NOT think I could do that now!! In my dream world, I'd rather not have to swallow anything bigger than an ibuprofen. I do make an exception for the prenatals.

I still haven't heard back from my gestational diabetes test, weird. I go in tomorrow for my progesterone shot- so I'll check then.

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  1. you can do a z pack when pregnant, if it's upper respiratory stuff.


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