Friday, June 8, 2012

...where I discuss Emmy's eczema...

Long story short we just found out Emmy has eczema.  I figured we were in the clear since we had made it almost 3 years with no skin issues to speak of.

When our biggest lil miss was diagnosed with asthma at 18 months, our dr assured us that she would probably grow out of it soon- especially because it wasn't accompanied by eczema.

But here are, almost 18 months after that diagnosis and my little princess has nasty, nasty eczema that makes her itch and feel pain.  Mind you, this is the girl that wipes out on the asphalt and doesn't complain about pain at all.  Yet having a dry itchy back causes her to express her pain =(  From what I can tell, the pool water really irritates her skin as does perfumed detergents.

So here's the lineup of products that we are currently trying.  Please comment with any helpful tips you have: diet, products, things to avoid, things to use lots of, etc.... The only other thing I have ever heard to use is Crisco.


  1. That's the exact lotion we use! Works great, it takes about a week or two of using it everyday but clears it up!

  2. Have you tried any California Baby products? I use shampoo, soap, sunscreen, lotion on Jack. He has sensitive skin and occasional eczema (nothing like you've described, though). however, I have suffered from eczema for years and it is awful! It does itch and it does burn. For me it comes and goes but unfortunately I get it on my face especially in the summer time. There's something about the heat, sunscreen, water (pool) that really irritates eczema. I've have prescription meds in the past but since having jack I started using California baby products too (during flare ups) and it helps clear it up. There is one other product that I just recently discovered but can't think of the name....I'll get back to you on that. But I use it after the flare up when my skin is super dry and flaky and itchy and it works wonders. I could go on forever but my last piece of advice would be pick a good sunscreen like California makes all the difference in the summer time! One more thing...anything with fragrance burns (during the flare up). Ok, I'm done:) let me know if you need anything!

  3. hey! I can relate. We have been to our pediatrician and my next door neighbor is a dermatologist and mom of 2 little ones. She SWEARS by CeraVe lotions - the thicker cream in a white tub, but I bought the normal lotion b/c I didn't know which one until too late. It has REALLY, REALLY helped Reid's itchiness and red, dry spots. Also, Eucerin, too, she recommended.


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