Friday, June 8, 2012

iPhone Friday 06/08/2012

This past week has FLOWN by!  I can't believe it's already been a full 7 days since some of my Indiana family was here.  Where has time gone?

My happy girls!  So thankful that our wonderful nanny, Alex, got this shot of the girls!  Oh the things that I miss out on while I'm at work.  Nora is just cranky by the time I get home.

Elyse and Emmy picking out their Hello Kitty donuts last Saturday.  They were a hot commodity.

Strumming the guitar at Elote's stand at the Cherry Street Farmer's Market.

Sweet Halle giving Nora bottle.  She's a bit more gentle than Emmy is with Nora!

Goodbye long hair! There's something about having a newborn that makes a person want to get rid of 11" of hair.

Hello new do!  And thank you Kendal (at Justus & Co 18th/Boston), you rock!

My sweet puffer cheeks. Wondering if she's going to be a hand/thumb sucker?

I'll say it again.  This week flew by way too fast!  I don't like how fast Nora is growing up.  In 11 days she will be 3 months old, how can that be?

Happy weekend to everyone.  We have a full plate.  Saturday include a trip to the farmer's market, going to see some baby moo cows, the Samson picnic at Driller's stadium.  If we survive Saturday then we have church, naps, swimming and Home Night on Sunday.  Phew.  I'm tired already just thinking about it.

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