Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That says "Thunder Up"

Emmy and I were on a super important mission tonight, finding some Thunder gear.

Our first stop was Academy Sports and Outdoors (the right stuff, the right price....Academy!) At the 41st store, you are greeted by tons of Thunder paraphernalia at the front door. As Emmy and I were browsing the goods, she pointed to a pennant and said "that says Thunder Up". It did have the word Thunder on it, and she caught the attention of some bystanders who were quite impressed!

We were successful there in finding a cute romper for Nora and a Westbrook tee for the Emmers. The men's polo selection was a little weak so we decided to head over to Dillard's. Talk about a big time score. They had 3 or 4 different styles of polo shirts in all sizes. I narrowed it down to two then had Emmy make the final decision.

Then, and here's where I made a huge mistake, we headed over to the little girls section just to see what was shakin over there. Log story short, we left the store with a Thunder polo and a hello kitty purse.

If this shopping trip was any indication of future shopping trips with the eldest princess, then I am in some serious trouble.

May be time to go but some lottery tickets, just to fund the mall account.


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  1. Thunder Up!! Glad y'all found some Thunder gear. Hoping for another big win tonight!


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