Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"bop" and another funny

"Bop" has existed in our house for a few months. It spans from being in song lyrics, a name, or an answer to a question. It's most often a noun. It also makes its appearance the most when our eldest princess is feeling a little ornery.

Here are some uses of "bop":

When singing, "Mary had a little bop"

me: Emmy, what do you want for dinner? Answer: "bop"

Me: Emmy, please go put on your shoes! Response: "bop", while rolling eyes.

So we decided to ask Emmy about "bop" tonight.

Chris(or Christopher as she now calls him): "Emmy, what does bop mean"?
Emmy: "it just means bop"!!!

Wow, that one really helps. Now I completely understand the meaning.

Now onto the other funny. The other evening, Chris took the girls on a walk while I was at my company picnic (a whole other story on why I went solo). While out, they saw our neighbor driving his new convertible. She and Chris we're talking about it when I got home. The convo went something like this:

C: Emmy, tell mama what we saw tonight.
E: Mark's open car!
Me: oh wow, that's pretty neat, isn't it?
E:we don't have an open car? Why we not have one?
C: oh, mommy and daddy don't have enough money to buy one
E: you gotta get one! (said so enthusiastically and very convincing)

Since then, we have heard the phrase "you gotta get one" a few more times. I think she is going to be a gadget nerd. My little pride and joy.



  1. PRECIOUS. ALso, did you know, that Alex Temple is my menthe in the women's mentoring program at church? Small world. LOVE HER.


    1. Alex is the sweetest, isn't she? I think you two make a great pair. Alex's grandma and I were neighbors when we lived in Talala. Our families have been friends since the 70's!


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