Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 months {nora}

So as of the last monthly update, I had 13# to lose.  Happy to say that I have about 7-8 more to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  The weight is coming off a little slower this time around, but I am definitely getting there.  I am starting to fit into a few non maternity items, so that's exciting.

Onto the real point of this post, the monthly update:

Eat: about 7 times a day (7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 7pm, 810pm).  Sometimes the 6pm feeding stretches to 630 and we drop the 7pm feeding.
Sleep: usually up by 645-7am and down by 830pm.  Nighttime and naps are spent in the cradle in our room still. The good restful sleep usually ends by 430-5am at which point I will go reinsert Nora's pacifier.  If she gets restless again then I usually put her in bed with us (to each their own, no judgment please).
Naps: random and each day is different.  Today she took a 3 hour nap.  Yesterday, she was good to get in a 45 minute nap.Shoes: Too hot to think about shoes.  I need to find some baby flip flops.
Clothes: anything from 3 to 6 months
Diapers: Size 2, but I have a feeling we won't be in this size long.
Trips: None!  But we did have some Indiana family visit over memorial day weekend.
Likes: looking at Emmy (pretty much always makes her smile), kicking her feet at objects or just at the air,  baths (this is her most active time of day), looking right and cocking her head left (we are working on this, we don't want the princess to have to wear a cranial helmet someday).
Dislikes: having a consistent sleep pattern from day to day (one day lots of napping, next day very little naps, and repeat), when Chris puts lotion on her after bath time, having to wait a long time for her nighttime bottle, gas drops (she acts like I'm giving her poison. Have you ever tasted those things?  They are so sweet like candy)
Milestones: Laughing out loud (she has a deep little laugh, completely takes after me on that one.  Sorry honey), grasp her rattle and I *think* she intentionally shakes it, pushing against elbows a bit when on tummy time on the boppy, sitting in the bumbo, she definitely turns her head to find our voice and smiles once she finds us.
Other: I think Nora was having issues with my dairy consumption, so I have eliminated that from my diet.  I don't think it was lactose intolerance, but a protein allergy.  Her congestion and gas seems to be better, but not all the way gone.  It's manageable, so I am going to leave my dietary exclusions as is: chocolate and dairy. I think we will move Nora into the guest room this weekend.  The girls will eventually share a room, but it takes Emmy SOOO long to fall asleep and she is SOOO loud while she is falling asleep.  Hopefully here in a few months Emmy will get it figured out.

We still think Nora is just the prettiest and sweetest little thing.  She is so easy in a lot of ways, but also a little more difficult than Emmy was in other ways.  I love watching the relationship build between the two sisters, there is already so much love there with so much more to come.

my girls, at 3 months.  I'm thinking they don't look much alike here.

May-June happenings.  See the photo with the feet?  Both girls LOVE to touch things with their feet.
They are just two peas in a pod.
And some Emmy things to close out the post:

  • About 80% of the time, Emmy is calling her daddy by name instead of "daddy", "dada", etc.  It is hilarious!!!
  • She also thinks her cousin Elyse's name is pronounced "Oh-leese".
  • The girl LOVES to sing.  This month she has really enjoyed singing "I'm in the Lord's Army", "Zaccheus" and "This Little Light of Mine".
  • Our nanny, Alex taught Emmy some color songs.  They are sung to tunes such as "Row Row Row your Boat", "10 little indians", "She'll be comin round the mountain", etc.  Well, tonight when Chris got home from work, Emmy wanted to sing some of these songs with him.  He started in on one song, got about 2 words into it, stopped singing and looked at me.  It was because he wasn't sure how to fit the words of the song to the associated tune.  He didn't even say "mama, please help" was just a look.  Well, Little Miss Observant is watching all of this and chimes in with "Daddy, why you need mama's help?"  She knew EXACTLY what was going on!  It was so stinking funny.


  1. Your girls are so cute! I teach 2 & 3 year olds at our church and they love "I'm In the Lord's Army" too!

    1. I had no idea she had been singing it in Sunday school. We started singing it one night before bed and she should "yes, sir" SO LOUD!


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