Friday, May 27, 2011

iPhone Friday 05/27/2011

Wow, what an exciting/emotional/heart-wrenching week. I am so happy the heavy storms spared Tulsa, but my heart is so heavy for Joplin, the Hamil family in piedmont, Will Norton's family and everyone else. I so badly wish Oklahoma's soil was different so that everyone ere could have a basement for storm protection.

In other news, here are pics from the past week.

Emmy just chillin and reading her picture book.

I was so nervous about this storm, I even packed an emergency bag and had it waiting in the closet. Just in case.

The waster is still FREEZING, we are talking 72*. I guess Emmy has no temperature sensors in her little feet!

Loving on her puppies. She can't say Frank yet, but she loves to call for Lally, aka Sally.

Our little garden is plush, green and on the verge o being cramped. Plenty of good soil for the plants to share. So grow, veggies, grow!

This morning. Life is rough for this little toddler.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial day. If you know an active or non-active member of our military, please remember to thank them.

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