Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have a birthday part to plan, only 3 months to do it...

or more recognizably titled "21 month collage" on, if you want to know the details behind the pics.  You probably aren't too interested, but I know I will be in the years to come.  This IS my journaling and scrapbooking, all in one.

  1. Easter party at school.  It's multiple toddlers in one picture, this is the best I could get.  I figure it's a success since they are all sitting down :)
  2. At the zoo with Uncle Jay Jay, Hays and Halle (Aunt E-E and cousin Hollis were talking to an old lady in a moo-moo while I snapped this pic)
  3. Emmy was cleaning her hands while we did some work on the vegetable garden.
  4. Taking a break from gardening.
  5. Enjoying some "papa" (my dad) time.
  6. Monkey see monkey do.  Emmy and Lucy (neighbor) are just TOO cute together.
  7. My sick little girl.  She NEVER lays on the couch like this.
  8. Maaaaaaaaw, put the camera away and just play with me already.
  9. No caption needed.
  10. At the school Easter egg hunt.
I have MANY more pictures I need to upload, I need to tell you about the Grove Park Inn, I need to show you all of the Easter cuteness that happened in this part of Oklahoma, but man- I really need to go to bed.

Goodnight friends.

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  1. seriously...these two are soul sisters...I have a pic just like emmy in #9 when they both were ill AT THE SAME TIME!!


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