Monday, September 21, 2009

Last full week home and a video of Emmy

It's bittersweet. I have so much fun hanging out with my daughter everyday, but I'm also ready for a little bit of "schedule" in my life. Emmy's school is about 8 blocks from my work, so I think for the first few months I'll drop by at lunch time to feed her if she's hungry. Or just hang out if she's not. Please pray for me next Thursday, my first day back- that we both will transition well. I think I'll be able to take her in Tuesday and Wednesday AM to get used to our morning routine. Little Bit slept in until 7 again this morning, wahoo! I love it. BUT, I feel bad for her b/c once I do go back to work she's not going to have the luxury of sleeping in that late- unless she can figure out how to eat faster. Like...down a 4-5 ounce bottle in 5 minutes fast

We had a good and busy weekend. My mom, "Mimi", came down Thursday to keep us company, Saturday we went to Rory's birthday party, and Sunday we went to a shower for Aunt Eden (who is expecting a girl in October), stopped by claremore to visit gma and gpa S and g-gma Pat for her birthday.

playing with mimi:

chatting with Tammy at the shower:

Great Grandma Pat:

Whew, this past weekend was so busy.
Emmy's thoughts on it all: "forget tummy time, I'm ready for a nap"


  1. It will be hard but it does get easier. I think you'll like getting on a schedule. It's crazy how quickly they adapt. Enjoy your week:)I'll be praying for you!

  2. I completely agree. I loved being home with Kenzie, but when 6wks came and it was time for me to return to work I was ready. I am very much a schedule person so the routine of getting up and out of the house was kinda nice. However, on this round with the twins I have not returned to work due to unforeseen circumstances, and I am ready to go back to work. Except I think that me being home everyday with all 3 has created a bit of a mama's girl with Kenzie(2yrs old). So the transition of back to daycare could be interesting. Im praying that she will love it as much as she used to when it comes time to return. But Kenzie did great with daycare from the very beginning. And I pray your transition goes just as smoothly because it does make it so much easier on you!!


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