Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dealing With Change

So if anyone WAS concerned, I'm not REALLY going to start cereal yet! I'll just blame 1) a growth spurt, or 2) the bottle that she had. Probably TMI, but I think the sleep may have a little to do with her bottles of expressed milk. I usually pump right after she gets done eating and is in bed. So, from here on out- I'm going to make sure her night time bottle is the milk I had pumped from the previous night (lots of good fatty milk)...

Ok, onto the real meaning of thist post:

I found it very interesting while pregnant all the well-intended comments from people about pregnancy and parenthood. Those comments came across as either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, nothing really in the middle. You know, some would say "this will forever change your life in the best possible way" and some would chime in with "oh man, you're never gonna sleep again, have time to yourself like you did before...wait for the teen years...yada yada"

Here's the deal: I think when big changes occur you can't dwell on how life was PREVIOUSLY. Your life is how it is at the moment, not how it WAS and not how it WILL BE. Why waste time thinking about how seemingly great life used to be, by doing that- wouldn't one just miss out on all the great things of the moment?

Life is full of changes, I think of where I was just 3 years ago. Fall 2006 Chris and I were engaged getting ready to be married. We lived in a craptacular duplex in Claremore (yes, together, for like 2 months before we got married...I know, shame shame). Chris was working for a small civil engineering firm in Talala and I was at my current work place. The next year we moved into a nicer duplex, still at our same jobs. Fall 2007 I start grad school for petroleum engineering, wow- does that change things up. Spring 2008 we decided to buy a house, I'm still at my job- but Chris has resigned from his and is looking. He finds a job just before our house, phew. We move to Tulsa, Chris lands a job at APAC and we start working on the house. Fall 2008 we get 2 pups.....then..... I come home from class one night very disillusioned about life. I figure out that what I'm currently doing isn't doing it for me anymore. The answer? Start a family! Summer 2009 Emmy is born.

If you ask me, it's a tremendous amount of change in 3 years. But I don't think much about how great things "used to be". What's the point? Things are too great right now to think about the things I miss from the past. Because, really, I'm not sure I miss the past. I love right now. How could I not?


  1. Well said Jordan! Why dwell on the past when you can enjoy the present and plan for the future? It's all about perspective!

  2. I hear ya on this one, sister! I can't even fit all of my change into a couple of paragraphs! I almost tried .... All of my change was so confusing ... is it bad? Is it good? I wasn't sure ... but I am so blessed, and I am so loved, and full of so much love that how could any of this "negative" change have been bad? Did that make any sense to you? It did as I was typing it! HA! Anyway, I identified with this one so I thought I'd tell ya! At least your change was somewhat planned! If you told me I'd be a single mother, nurse, and homeowner all before I was 25, I'd have told you to get lost! But I love every minute of it!

  3. I agree too! Aaron and I always say that we can't even remember what life was like before, because we actually never really think about it! So much more fun to live in the NOW.....and what is crazy is that it is only going to continue to get better and better! And then an even crazier thought will be what HEAVEN will be like! :)


  4. Hey I love reading your blog and love this post. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing! Your family is absolutely the way...this is random but the other day I was reminded of the time in college when we would turn of the lights in our dorm room and you, me, jessica, would have a dance party. It was fun...Good times.


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