Monday, June 9, 2014

35 weeks {the last}

Baby3 at 35w2d.  Belly looks lower? Or maybe it's the angle?
You can't see it here- but the belly button has popped!
I believe the emmy belly is on the left, nora belly on the right.  Back fat on both.

Baby's size: According to Babycenter, baby should be 18.2" from head to heel and weigh 5.25#. Amazing that from here on out, most of the growth is in weight (about 1/2lb per week). The girls were born around 19.5" and 7#, so I can only imagine that this one will be similar.
How far along: 35w1d
Total weight gain: EDIT: Finally weighed in towards the end of the week, weighed in at the Y at 35w4d and was up 29.4#.

At the 33 week mark, I was up about 28# according to the scale at the Y.  I didn't bring workout gear today (Just.Too.Tired) so will check later. If I were to guess, I'm going to say i'm up 30.5#.

Sleep:  What is sleep?  I was up all night with Emmy on Friday (really, all night) while she was puking.  I laid my head down to nap on Saturday and Nora woke up 2 minutes later.  Chris is home from his DDay tour trip and although I'm glad he's home, I woke up to him snoring/snorting/rolling/breathing about 10 times last night.  Whatev.  Sleep is overrated.

Maternity Clothes: I'd say I'm in 90% maternity clothes.  I can still swing non maternity shorts/pants for working out and my medium T-shirts still fit (but they are living on borrowed time).  I have also fallen in love with maxi skirts, which will be nice to wear post-partum as well.
Food cravings: In my head I want sweets, and then I eat them and they are disgusting.  In other stomach related news, I guess baby has dropped (or never was that high) b/c I feel like my stomach still has full capacity.
Food aversions: Water, carbs, sweets, anything with too much flavor
Symptoms: Still nauseous in the evenings and lower back pain (left sacrum area) and general disposition of being moody and mean and impatient and grumpy....
Stretchmarks: None that I can see, but I feel like my belly is sticking out much further than it did for the other pregnancies- so there's still time!
Doctor’s Appointment: I have an appointment this Friday.  Appointments have been pretty non eventful here lately.  I do feel like the Procardia isn't doing it's job as well as it used to, so will be surprised if there's no cervical change.
Movement: Tons of movement, mostly when I'm trying to go to sleep :)  I feel like I have an octopus in there!
Belly Button: The left side has completely popped.
Best moment of the weekMy husband coming home from being gone for 10 days!
What I’m looking forward to: Eating like a cow while nursing.  
What I miss: Carbs and sweets.  I wonder what my tastebuds will do after delivery
Preparations:  I made mention of stocking up on some newborn diapers.  So at least I'm admitting that we need some things.  That's progress- right??

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