Monday, June 23, 2014

37 weeks {the last}

My skirt is in the way, but I don't think the back fat is as bad this time around!!  Probably just fooling myself though :)

The size: According to Babycenter, Wilson/Evelyn should be 19 1/8" and 6lbs 5oz.
How far along: 37 weeks as of Sunday.
Total weight gain: The dr's scale had me up 32lbs on Friday, I'm getting ready to head to the Y- so I"ll compare when I get back....Back from the Y and it said I'm up 31lbs.  I'm vain, I'll go with the latter.  With Nora I was up 38lbs by this time! Wow, what a difference chasing after 2 toddlers and NO bedrest can make.
Sleep:  Not too bad.  My lower back still hurts pretty bad when I get up in the morning (lower left sacrum area)
Maternity Clothes: Pretty much all maternity tops, although some long tanks from Target still fit.  Definitely maternity pants and shorts, but taking advantage of maxi skirts this pregnancy.  Not sure why I didn't try them before this pregnancy!
Food cravings: None really.  Sweets aren't bothering my tastebuds/stomach as much anymore.
Food aversions: Food in general doesn't sound that great right now.  I eat b/c I know I need to, not because it's fun.
Symptoms: Some pretty intense Braxton Hicks contractions (although not regular) and hips/pelvis are definitely loosening.
Stretchmarks: None that I can see. 
Doctor’s Appointment: My appointments are on Fridays and I have been taking those days off from work.  It's nice to have a 3 day weekend.  I usually start the morning off with a 2 mile walk on Riverside, run errands, sew some and clean the house.  I'd like to say that I just sit at home and chill, but that's not happening.  Oh yeah, did find out at my last appointment that I'm GBS will just need some antibiotics during labor.
Movement:  Lots of movement at my bedtime...I warned Chris the other night that we probably have a night owl on our hands.
Belly Button: It's definitely out.
Best moment of the week:  Chris and I went on a date Saturday for Father's day.  We ate at Main Street Taven in BA and then had a couples massage. Also, I've been told a few times that I have one of those "basketball" bellies.  You can't tell so much just from the profile belly shots, but I guess I don't look as pregnant and wide this time from the back.
And can I throw in a "worst moment of the week"?  It would be coming to the realization that our FMLA/STD policy here at work is crap.  I'll leave it at that.
What I’m looking forward to: Being able to hop out of bed or up from a sitting position without the assistance of others and without hip/back pain.
What I miss: Enjoying sweets and carbs!
Preparations:  Hmm, I put the bouncy seat together and we were recently given a small pack of newborn diapers.  We also buckled the carseat in the back of the car (it's not installed really b/c we will be shifting carseats around once baby gets here).
It's amazing that in 3 weeks, or less, we will be meeting this little creature.  I plan to let myself go to 40 weeks + 1 day and will then schedule an induction.  My parents will be leaving for vacation the week after my due date so I really want to make sure they get to meet the baby (and so that I can cash in on my mom staying with us for a few days).  However, the past few times she has stayed with us she has gotten sick- so I'm not sure she even wants to live in our germ infested house even if just for a few days :)

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  1. Oh please! You look fab- no back fat! So close too! :) Good luck on your new little "creature"!


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