Sunday, June 15, 2014

Answers to FAQs

Perhaps it's the lack of sleep, perhaps it's the hormones or perhaps I'm just feeling a wee bit sprightly. I'm just going to take this time (and blog space) to answer some recurrent questions that have been asked during this pregnancy and here lately.

I'm just going to provide the answer, we can Alex Trebek this and I'll let you figure out the clue/question.

1.  No, the nursery is not ready.  Emmy and Nora and terrible sleepers and we don't know what the sleeping arrangement will be when baby is ready for his/her own room.

2.  Can you believe it?  We actually don't care if it's a boy or a girl?!?!?!  We are happy that this was a viable pregnancy and will have so much fun either way.  We just want a happy baby who is a good sleeper.

3. Yes, Emmy is so ready and excited.  Nora couldn't give a flip.  She's 2.  She hasn't been around anyone pregnant lately so it's a little hard for her to visualize what's about to happen.  We talk about the new baby and what his/her needs will be, etc, etc.

4. Of course I'm not ready.  The car seat is in the attic, diapers have not been purchased and we have exactly 1 newborn clothing item that is gender neutral.  The swing and bouncy seat are not assembled, it will take 30 minutes of extracting other items from the attic before we find the cradle and I'm not really sure where my pump is right now (I haven't even thought about buying new parts for it).

I think that just about rounds up the top 4 questions...can you think of anything else I didn't address???

And because every post needs a picture- here's what should have been the most recent iPhone Friday collage and a glimpse of our life here lately.

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