Monday, March 24, 2014

24 Weeks {the last}

If you've been around this blog long, you know that I love a good comparison picture.  Just like the last update, the pictures are L-R: Emmy, Nora, current belly.  I was obviously the smallest with Emmy.  I feel like I am a crazy amount bigger now than I was with Nora, but in pictures- they look much more similar.  One thing is for sure, my back fat keeps growing faster with each pregnancy!  Yikes.

  • Weight gain? Ugh, yes.  Every pregnancy I tell myself i'm going to do better in the weight department.  +20lbs at 24weeks.  
  • Stretch marks? None that I can see :)
  • Belly button? Sticking out more and more every day.  It will be an outie soon.
  • Sex? Of baby?  Not interested in finding out.  The other kind?  Not interested in that either.
  • Cravings? Sleep and anything that is not sweet or carb loaded.  Eating has not been very fun this pregnancy, very different from Emmy and Nora.
  • Latest hormonal outburst? A few fights with the hubs last week.  I told him if he'd just agree with me then we'd be good to go.  I admitted I wasn't always right, but that it was his duty as the non-hormonal person to turn the other cheek.  How about that for deflection of responsibility???  
  • Vomiting? Just a few times so far, all as a result from my gag reflex and brushing my teeth.
  • Feeling prepared? Yes and no.  We have all the gear, but I'd say it's a little early for nesting and feeling prepared.
  • Names? Wilson "Will" for boy, Evelyn "Evie" for girl- pronounced with a long E on the nickname.
  • Random pregnancy side effects? I am such a light sleeper this pregnancy.  I slept great the past 2 nights up at my parents house b/c Chris and I were sleeping separately, but now that we are back at home I've gone back to waking up each and every time he moves in bed.
  • Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Although I've gained roughly the same amount of weight as previous pregnancies, my belly is so much bigger.
  • Work? Yes, will work up to D-Day.
  • Horrifying picture? No, b/c I'm pretty much a pro at not having pictures taken of my arms and face during pregnancy. I was like this with Emmy and I've remained pretty consistent!
  • Funny for the week, or funniest comment from an "outsider" this week:  I guess this happened about 2 weeks ago, but a TSA guy told me "Congrats, mama" as I was standing in the millimeter wave scanner (which exposes you to thousands of times less energy than making a cell phone call).  I thought it was bold of him to say it, but then again made me realize that I was finally looking pregnant and not fat.  Either way, it made me happy.

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  1. Are your boobs bigger too? They look bigger than in the other photos :-).


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