Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nora {2 years old}

My apologies to my 2nd born, you obviously don't have as many monthly updates as your sister.  But hey, we did let you start eating suckers earlier than her- so there are some advantages to being the little sister.

Nora, here's what's going on in your life right now:

FAVORITE SONG: "Night Night Nora", to the tune of Frere Jacques.  "Let it Go" and really any other song from Frozen. "Twinkle Twinkle", but only at nighttime.

FAVORITE FOOD(S): You love food.  You are such a good eater.  You particularly like creamy italian dressing, eggs, cuties/halos (little oranges) and cereal in the morning with your daddy.  
FAVORITE BOOK: Tough call as your nightly selections seem to change.  But you really love the Sandra Boynton books, just like your big sister.  You are a really big helper when we read "Moo, Baa, LaLaLa".
FAVORITE WORD(S)/Phrases: "NO Emmy/Momma/Dadda/shoes/shirt/pants", "I need a poo" (I need a spoon), SalDog (sally, the dog), "yeah", "pinkee" (blanket), "mut-mee" (your stuffed monkey).  A few months ago you went through a phase where you repeated each word 3 times...without fail.
FAVORITE SHOW(S): Really, it's whatever Emmy wants to watch.  So right now it's the movie Brave, Frozen and the show Bubble Guppies.


  • You still adore your paci, we plan to take that away once you get all of your teeth.
  • You have about 8 stuffed animals or loveys in your crib with you
  • You also take a sippy of water with you to bed and stuff it up in the corner between your pillow and the crib rails.
  • You want to do everything that Emmy does.  You also demand the same color of utensils and cups and plate that she has.
  • You are either very happy or very upset.  There's not a whole lot of gray area with you.
  • You still love to cuddle and rock at bedtime, and I love that.
  • You give the cutest, yet orneriest looks all the time!  You know how to play us already, and we let you!
Some pictures from our small family celebration last night, the big party will be in a few weekends.

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  1. I too have failed at the monthly updates on the second child! But this has inspired me to try again :)


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