Wednesday, March 5, 2014

21 weeks {the last}

  • Weight gain? Ugh, yes.  Every pregnancy I tell myself i'm going to do better in the weight department.  I'm up probably 14-14.5 lbs at the 21w mark.
  •  Stretch marks? None that I can see :)
  • Belly button? Protruding more, but still an innie.  It popped out with Nora at the very end and didn't quite return to it's normal.
  • Sex? Of baby?  Not interested in finding out.  The other kind?  Not interested in that either.
  • Cravings? Diet Coke and deli meat, terrible right?  But not much has tasted "good" this pregnancy besides those two things. The idea of sweets always sounds good, but then when I eat them- they taste disgusting.  I guess on a positive note, I am craving a good workout. On days that I don't make it to the gym, I just feel "blegh".  You would think all this working out would be helping in the weight gain department, but it's not.  As my dear friend put it, "Jordan, you're just a gainer".
  • Latest hormonal outburst? I think I'm doing this better with hormonal outbursts.  
  • Vomiting? Just a few times so far, all as a result from my gag reflex and brushing my teeth.
  • Feeling prepared? Yes and no.  We have all the gear, but I'd say it's a little early for nesting and feeling prepared.
  • Names? Wilson "Will" for boy, Evelyn "Evie" for girl- pronounced with a long E on the nickname.
  • Random pregnancy side effects? Being irritable AND feeling fat, this has never happened before ;)
  • Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Although I've gained roughly the same amount of weight as previous pregnancies, my belly is so much bigger.
  • Work? Yes, will work up to D-Day.
  • Horrifying picture? No, b/c I'm pretty much a pro at not having pictures taken of my arms and face during pregnancy. I was like this with Emmy and I've remained pretty consistent!
  • Funny for the week, or funniest comment from an "outsider" this week:  No one is really commenting yet, as I still just look "fat" when I'm dressed.  Chris and I had a little, and our first "babymoon" this past weekend.  It was not very glamorous though.  We went to the Thunder game on Friday night and stayed the night in OKC, which was awesome!  The rest of the weekend we spent cleaning up and organizing the house, boo.

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