Friday, April 20, 2012

One Month {nora}

Seriously, a month has already passed by?  My post partum checkup is in 2 weeks and I still have 20# to lose?I have to go to work in a few more weeks?  NO!!!!

Here is what the tiniest princess has been up to:
  • eat, sleep, poop, repeat
  • First road trip to Mimi and Papa's for Easter (2 1/2 weeks)
  • Ditched the newborn diapers and moved to size 1 at 3 weeks
  • Starting around 2 weeks we started having longer stretches of sleep at night, yay!  Nora's last feeding in the evenings is usually between 8 and 9pm and she wakes around 2-3am to eat.  In exchange for this nice stretch of sleep in the evenings, she eats every 2-2.5 hours during the day.
  • We have nicknamed the newest member of our family, Noisy Nora.  Seriously, she makes so many noises.  Squeaks, grunts, sighs, laughs, and more grunts.  I hope I can catch this all on video.
  • Nora definitely likes to be held upright on your shoulder, it's amazing that she already has a strong preference.
  • She hasn't lost too much hair yet, knock on wood.
  • At exactly one month old, we weighed her on a baby scale and she was 10#!  It was not a digital scale, so I suppose we could be off an ounce or two.
  • She isn't too interested in tracking objects or her play gym yet, but she has some pretty good head control.
  • I mentioned that she likes to be held on shoulders...well, Nora likes to be held period.  It's not to the point where we are holding her all the time.  But in her dream world, she'd be in someone's arms or the baby Bjorn ALL day!
  • Just this past week she has started coo'ing a bit.  Maybe she and Emmy will develop a little "sister talk" b/c Emmy goes up to her and starts talking a weird baby language.  Nora actually seems to enjoy it.

We have had so much fun with 2 little princesses in our midst.  This first month has flown by and I know it will continue to feel this way.  Just wish I could either slow down time or bottle this up to enjoy it more later.

Now onto some Emmy funnies:
  • We must hear at least 100x a day "we do we do _______" (i.e.: eat, brush our teeth, watch TV, put on clothes, take out the trash....get the picture?)
  • She can walk on her tiptoes...well, curled toes.  Think toe ballet.
  • Our little bull in a china cabinet thinks that she has to be RIGHT in Nora's face...all the time.  Sorry little sis.
  • She is starting to make use of adjectives and especially interested in opposites.  But her favorite word is "big".  And anytime she says the word, she raises her voice and opens her eyes.  It's cute!
  • OH.......tonight, we were at the Copan restaurant and she got SO excited about the bottle of ketchup.  She yelled "ketchup" really loud and it silenced the whole was embarrassing and hilarious all at the same time.
  • We bought her a clock that changes colors when it's an appropriate time to wake up.  So every morning at 635 (or later if she actually sleeps in), I love hearing her over the monitor "mommy daddy, my cuckoo clock is green".  I may have mentioned this one before, but I don't want to forget it!
  • The girl LOVES blowing bubbles, watering plants, and telling me that I need to pump. =)


  1. I think it is absolutely hilarious that Emmy tells you that you need to pump. In about 30 years, you girls will have some great stories to share.

  2. She hasn't seen the pump in action yet, she just knows what it's called. But it's so funny! She's going to kill me someday for posting all of this!


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