Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My girls

So it is hard to not compare the two girls. Luckily I don't really remember much from Emmy's newborn days, so I don't spend too much time wondering if Nora is developing/behaving/etc like Emmy. So the area I tend to compare the girls is in looks. Some people think they look a lot alike, some think they look nothing alike. What do you think? What is similar, what's different?



  1. I think they look a TON alike. Both cuties :-)

  2. I think their noses look alike, but that's about all I see that's similar. They might look a lot more alike if Nora wasn't the little butterball that she is...but I like butterballs, so I don't care to know her any different ;)

  3. I think they look alike some but their eyes are DEFINITELY different.

  4. I think they look a ton alike! Love your blog Jordan! :)


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