Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Garage is for what?

At one point in time, my car lived in the garage. It was nice, it was garage covered at work and garage covered at home. I never had to worry about where to park it outside in the event of a hail storm.

The width of my vehicle barely fits inside the constraints of the garage, and I may or may not have had a run in with the garage pulling in and out a few times. But now, I need not worry about scraping the sides of my car anymore.

This is why

Not pictured: two umbrella strollers. That makes our stroller total at 6. Seriously?


  1. before I even got to your stroller count, I had counted 4 and thought "well, that's why!" :) that is a lot of strollers. We have 2. but sleeping beauty sure looks cozy!

  2. We actually use the 4 that you see. One stroller with the nanny and the other is a cheap babies r us one that we use when we fly! I am going to try to purge when Nora is out of the car seat!!!


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