Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 weeks postpartum and...

I look like this

(With Emmy I looked like this)

Back to the subject: 2 weeks postpartum and...
•my 10 days of engorgement are over. Hallelujah!
•Nora went almost 6 hrs between start times of feedings*
•I have feelings of not wanting to go back to work, however- I also don't envision myself staying at home full time either
•Chris is out of town on business, Nora is going to look SO different when he gets home
•It seems like Nora has been a part of this family forever already. Not in a bad way like time is crawling...it just feels like this is the way it's been for awhile
•Emmy is adjusting fairly well. She isn't the biggest fan of following directions right now and I'm fairly certain she does not know the meaning of "be gentle"

*at Nora's 2 week check up (which was really at 11 days) she weighed 7#15.5oz. At hospital discharge, which was at 2 days old, she was 6#10 oz. At the 2 week appt, I asked the pediatrician when I could stop waking her at night to eat and she said "now"! Sweet, wonderful words. Since then, Nora had ha a few good stretches of nighttime sleep with a sprinkling of the normal 3hr gap feedings.


  1. Glad to hear things are going so well (now that the engorgement phase is over anyways)! And you look amazing, by the way!!

  2. you woke the baby up to eat? the baby woke ME up to eat,


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