Friday, November 25, 2011

What's in a name?

And she has a name...and it will be...

Nora Lee Sanders

Sanders...because I'm 90 percent Chris is the father.  Just kidding just kidding.  Based on the last ultrasound I'm fairly convinced she's going to look more like him than Emmy.

Lee...because for the past few generations on Chris' side, the 2nd child has been the same gender as the 1st child and bears the middle name of Lee.

Nora...because we like it.  And after looking up the meaning, which is "light" just fits.

Emmy says "No-wah".  A little more dramatic than Noah, but not quite with the R of Nora.  We finally told her about the baby in my belly.  She was interested for one night but hasn't asked since.  We'll tell her again in a few more weeks and see what she thinks then.


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