Thursday, December 1, 2011

I don't want to forget

... That right now, my daughter is busy furrowing her eyebrows at daddy's "yucky" hands from doing backyard renovation work, wiping off mommy's kisses, yelling for 10 minutes after going to bed for us to come lay down with her, saying while in a public restroom "everybody going pee pee?", asking to watch Dora or Toy Story very morning, eating alot of ketchup, getting excited at seeing houses lit up with Christmas lights, wearing a size 6 shoe, de-robing at bedtime, singing Happy Birthday to no one in specific, loves to slam doors, taking her hand and tries to grab Nora out of my belly, running around nakey, so pleased with herself when she builds big towers with her giant legos, saying "you hear me?.....allllllll right?" and finally- I can't forget that she is growing into a little lady every day.

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