Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iPhone Friday 09/07/2011

I've found that ever since I had to downgrade to an iPhone 3G from the, I've not taken as many pictures. I was SO spoiled by that old phone....just waiting patiently for my upgrade date and the new iPhone 5- whatever it may be.

Emmy and Daddy reading books.

Enjoying a little appetizer of Greek yogurt while it was still warm and light in the evenings.

Ahhh, now these are the temperatures I've been waiting for.  After 3 months of unbearable heat, temperatures of this nature are MORE.THAN.WELCOME!

Yikes, so glad I wasn't stuck in THAT traffic on the overpass.  Sometimes I love Tulsa, sometimes I hate Tulsa. 


Emmy at her first Wednesday night church experience.  She was a little overwhelmed.  I think that after a full day at school she was probably just ready to go home and chill.

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